Atlas of Tehran Metropolis

Vol. 1. Land and People : Environment, population, employment, housing


Published in 2005 in Tehran (in Persian, French and English), within the framework of a scientific collaboration between the Tehran Geographic Information Center of Tehran (Municipality of Tehran) and the French National Research Center (Monde Iranien, CNRS, Paris).

First statistical mapping (Census 1996) of the city, suburbs and province of Tehran, at the scale of boroughs and rural districts.


Atlas de Téhéran métropole, Atlas of Tehran Metropolis, تهران کلانشهر اطلس
Mohsen Habibi, Bernard Hourcade
Scientific and technical realization :Masserat Amir-Ebrahimi, Hassan Moussavizadeh, Shahriar Zarrin
Tehéran/Paris : Tehran Geographic Information Center and CNRS, 2005
Vol. 1. La terre et les hommes - Land and People - مردم. و سرزمین ,Persan 218 p., Français 79 p., English 75 p., 214 cartes, photos
ISBN: 964-7943-46-6
© TGIC and CNRS, 2005