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1. Atlas of Iran 1998
2. Atlas of Tehran Metropolis
3. Ethnology: Central Alborz
4. Ethnology: Zâgros
5. Politics
6. Environnement
7. Populations
8. Society and cultures
9. Economy and Energy
10. Bazarcarto
1. Bazarcarto: Maps online
2. Généralités
3. Environment
4. People
5. Society and cultures
1. text Peoples of Iran |Only in French|
2. text Tribes and environmental provinces in Iran |Only in French|
3. text Major Muslim ethnic groups in Iran and central Asia |Only in French|
4. text Ethnic groups of the Middle-East |Only in French|
5. text Ethno religious distribution |Only in French|
6. text Religious composition of Iran |Only in French|
7. text Iran: cultural and historical zones |Only in French|
8. text The islamic world: Shiism and Sunnism |Only in French|
6. Economy
7. Cities, regions
8. History